.Tose-e Omran Shahrestan Naien Co

Tose-e Omran Shahrestan Naien Co. (Public Joint Stock) was established in 1997 aiming at creating various Industrial facilities including steel making, automotive metal part manufacturing, refining and petrochemical,… in central Iran,  encouraging public participation, trading, raw materials and products, providing consultancy services,trading stocks, establishing brokerage companies, etc

Crankshaft & Camshaft for Peugeot and Samand

– Crankshaft for XU7 & TU engines = 500,000 units/year
– Camshaft for XU7 & TU engines = 170,000 units/year

Technical know-how:
– CNC grinding of profiles
– Fillet rolling of undercuts and reduction of run outs
– Induction hardening

ISO 9001: 2008(2015)

Contact details:
Tehran office: No.109 ,4/1 St., Golha sq., Shahid Gomnam Ave., Dr Fatemi Sq., Tehran, Iran
POBox : 14335/1367
Tel : +98 21 88974071-6 Fax+98 21 88965789
Factory: 2nd Km of Naeen-Isfahan Road
Tel: +98 31 46258027-9  Fax: +98 31 46258026

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