.Nirou Moharekeh Industrial Co

(NMI Co.) is manufacturer of different types of Manual Gearboxes for passenger cars with production capacity of 2000 units per day, utilizing laboratory testing equipment, as well as knowledge and experience of manpower is the largest gearbox production plant and manufacturer of major auto parts for passenger cars in Iran. NMI is the daughter company of IKCO (Iran Khodro Company as the largest car manufacturer in Iran) and responsible for providing gearbox for passenger cars of all its products.

Different types of gear box for passenger cars including Arisan, RD, Peugeot 405, 206, 207, Peugeot Pars, Samand,

Affiliated Companies:
– Mianeh Car Part Manufacturing Co. (Mianro)
– Iran Eshtad Industries Co.
– Nirou Moharekeh Manufacturing Co.
– Nirou Moharekeh Gearbox Manufacturing Co
– University of applied science (NMI University)

– Arisun, Mazda gear box with nominal capacity of 84,000  unit/year
– Peugeot Group gearbox with nominal capacity of 700,000 unit/year

Technichal Know-how:
– Producing gears, splines and shafts
– Machining gearbox housing and other complex parts
– Heat treatment
– Producing test & inspection equipment including gages
– Calibration and measurements Lab
– Metallurgical and mechanical features

– ISO/IEC17025:2020
– IATF16949:2021
– ISO14001:2017
– OHSA18001:2017

Contact details:
– Central Office: 4th, Samand Building, Peykanshahr, Tehran-Karaj Highway
Tel: +98 21 44796817-19 Fax: +98 21 48225964
– Factory: 17th Km Abhar –Takistan old Road, Zanjan Province
Tel: +98 24 3536 2614 Fax: +98 24 3536 2256


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