(Iran Khodro Casting Industrial Co. (IKCI

Iran Khodro Casting Company has started since 2006 with the aim of producing cast iron parts for Iran Khodro Industrial Group, domestic and export industries. Major components of the company related to automobile parts.

– Cast iron cylinder block
– Crankshaft
– Bearing Cap
– Safety parts (pivot, suspension arm, brake drum)
– Other cast iron parts for export (fly wheel, housing)

Technical know-how:
The technology required for the production of cylinder block from German HWS and for safety parts from German HANSBERG, the technology required for muscle building from German Fritz HANSBERG with an advanced automation system.
The company possesses green sand molding lines, cold box muscle-building line and robotic line for performing non-destructive testing on the safety parts. The new Wagner Line is fully automated and manufactured by the German company Wagner. All stages of molding, leaving the mold part and sand making are carried out by automatic machines.

Our annual nominal production capacity is 40,000 tons of ductile and gray cast iron
– HANSBERG:Molding cycle rate: 200 mold/hour
– HWS:Molding cycle rate: 80 mold/hour
– WAGNER:Molding cycle rate: 55 mold/hour

– IATF16949:2016
– ISO 9001:2015(2018)
– ISO 14001:2015
– ISO 50001:2011
– ISO10015:2019
– OHSAS18001:2017
– ISO (10001,10002,10003,10004):2019

Contact details:
Central Office: 3rd Floor, Samand Building4, Isico Building, Peykanshahr,  km 14 Tehran-Karaj Road, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 44781842,45 Fax: +98 21 44781847
-Factory: Zia Abad, Heydarieh Industrial Town, Takistan, 2’nd streat
Tel: +98 28 25686117 Fax: +98 28 25686110

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